About us

Faraday Lab's mission is to build AI solutions and an AI-powered browser called Ares based on open sourced technologies.
We believe in a world with AI accessible to everyone, everywhere without discrimination based on location, nationality, race, ideology, and so on.
We are actively working on inclusive algorithms against data bias. We released Ares Creative which is our text-to-image platform available on arescreative.fr and you can download our browser beta (windows only) on faradaylab.fr

We are part of Nvidia Inception Program and part of some european union startup communities.

We are grateful to all open source communities in the AI field building tools we are using today. We are not related to any of those organizations but it's important to mention them due to their amazing impact to push for a more open AI ecosystem.
To name a few: GPT4ALL, Stable Diffusion XL, Hugging Chat, Open Assistant and much more.

Big thanks to Nvidia Inception Program and Amazon Web Services for their cloud and GPU support to make this happen.